UPDATE – November 2012

5 Nov

 We are currently developing the next stage of this project so will shortly be announcing some new and exciting events and activities that will be taking place across the Big Local area. If you would like more information or would like to get involved please contact justin.bryant@vestia.org.uk


Hello world!

9 Sep

You may remember seeing in the local press that parts of Broadwaters and  Greenhill are being awarded a total £1m over ten years by the BIG Lottery Fund. This scheme will start in 2012. This leaflet gives you more information on this grant and how you can be involved as the community prepare for the £1 million!

What is the Big Local Trust?

The BIG Lottery Fund is funding local schemes in 100-150 neighbourhoods, including parts of Broadwaters and Greenhill, with the aim of:

‘Enabling people to make their communities better places to live in, now and in the future, by helping them develop the skills and confidence they need to identify priorities that matter to them and take action to change things for the better.’

In preparation for 2012, the National Lottery has made available £10,000 to help the community to prepare for when the £1m becomes available. On the other side of this leaflet, are details of what has been planned and how local people can get involved now and in the future.

These plans have been developed with local people and organisations working in the area.  For the next stage of the BIG Local Trust, we would like more residents involved in deciding how the grant is used and delivering activities

Community Survey Results

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